Sunday Is For Vampire But…

I watched two movies, horror it said, about boys who murder. One was 13 the other 9, and it was incredible what they could do. The Paperboy began with a murder but throughout the movie it was evident mom now deceased was the culprit. The horror was in his life and there was closure at... Continue Reading →


Frozen Hot Cocoa Didn't finish the movie from last night. There's something... What was that movie? Because I'm writing now I have to think. What did I finish this morning - Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, and after watching Infinity War this afternoon with my grandson I realized we were missing a Ravager, Kraglin who sailed... Continue Reading →

Sunday Is For Vampire July 2018

So I looked up the Chronicles of Riddick that was after I'd watched The Wolfman. Vampires still on my mind I was reminded of a conversation... why? Can't say, "My friends and I have simple tastes, we drink Busch Light". "My condolences" I'd said. The beverages offered after assistance given moving a heavy piece, yes... Continue Reading →

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