“Would you like a ride? I could give you a lift.” I normally don’t. He pulled his hood back from his head, a handsome one too. Concern thrown to the wind I got in. We drove and he said, “I need to stop here, one moment.” He walked to a spot and stood. I... Continue Reading →


It Could Be Science Fiction: From The Land Of Uninspiron

  What do you do when the Eloi and Morlocks live together and both camps have become apathetic? You are the time traveler and any way you look at it you are outnumbered. As a rule there are no Eloi to stand at your side; thankfully Morlocks are dormant, snoring, but, what if? Maybe it’s... Continue Reading →


  The smile had more teeth to it than it should have. They were pointy; sharp. He sat behind a dune painting feverishly. Concentrating. His countenance changed, elongated teeth glistened when someone entered the beach, lackadaisically pushing toes through the sand approaching the shore believing this was the day that would be like none other,... Continue Reading →

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