It Could Be Science Fiction: From The Land Of Uninspiron


What do you do when the Eloi and Morlocks live together and both camps have become apathetic? You are the time traveler and any way you look at it you are outnumbered. As a rule there are no Eloi to stand at your side; thankfully Morlocks are dormant, snoring, but, what if? Maybe it’s not the worse case scenario… or is it?


Third and Fourth Worlds are the parallel universes of fantasy far from fantasy although fantastic, unbelievable and frightening. You know the fantasy I mean like a clown with pointy teeth – as he gets closer you realize it’s not a smile it’s just he can’t close his mouth – the stuff nightmares are made of. I have traveled in time to such a place, such travel being easy these days thanks to modifications available to our automobiles, and am caught amongst these Eloi and Morlocks, the latter a presence imposing threat. There are a few of us who’ve traveled to this place from different times in the past but we are too spread out and too few to offer each other support or assistance. Should there be trouble of any kind we must stand alone to oppose the brutality lest the empire be revived. None of this makes any sense if they’re sleeping but consider wandering into a bears’ den, it not being spring just yet and whether through a blunder or instinct sensing your presence they’re wakened. I was already in a parallel universe ready to travel back to my own world but a friend became trapped here. His vehicle slipped a cog in the simplest terms causing his car to go dead. Glad as I was to see him and to not be alone I stayed behind to lend a hand. The mechanics of this world are 20 years behind our technology, not as archaic as having to make special exploding logs to feed a steam locomotive to get a DeLorean up to 88 MPH, but it’s not good either. It’s been 4 years earth-time so far. Seems longer.


Now before you start thinking you’ve heard all this before know that Eloi and Morlock references are metaphoric and not what the indigenous people call themselves but it is so similar to what was depicted in that old movie, it could be scary except that marveling at the similarities causes distraction. People have the capability to be like that and they really are. What makes matters worse (or better depending on how you see it) is my friend married, yes, one of the Eloi. Life was already complicate being in a parallel universe but leaving it is more of a challenge for two reasons, one being practical mechanics and the other that he has family here. This universe offers him a new kind of life, not the best life and if he’s not careful he could lose himself, a risk we all take day to day but in some places it’s worse or harder to keep hold.


So that’s how it began. Could I draw a map and easily pinpoint ‘we are here’? No. It could change in a blink.


Where could I possibly be going with this? To paraquote another of my favorite 21st century movies: that is the right question.




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