Between (Adventures With The Undead): Not Dead Yet

As I approach the door to my house those two officials, well, official looking people are standing there, again I think. He’s telling her how ridiculous it is to be afraid to enter and she keeps saying, “Ok then you go”, but no one moves. Funny. She nudges him, he stands glued to his spot... Continue Reading →


Cell Phones Not Allowed

She thought she’d sneak a peek hiding her cell phone under her blouse. Quiet as a church mouse she pulled her arms inside the sleeves, and tucked her chin so her v-neck touched her forehead figuring she could feign sleep, but the volume though turned down still made a notable enough sound. Suppressing a grin... Continue Reading →

World Without End

Read The Instructions it'd said somewhere. The last time was a disaster so she read. "Not from memory this time" to herself she said. "Sage, rosemary, wormwood and belladonna, crush together, over the body spread. Pierce eyelids with a fine needle, not all the way through, just a prick. Chant for five minutes, but no... Continue Reading →

Silent Through Fall Leaves

     The first time Jill’s, well, let’s call them abilities, began showing themselves was around 3 years old. She’d knocked colored pencils from her mom’s desk. “Jill”, mom called, “Jill are you ok?” But by the time she’d reached the room there was nothing to see. When Jill’d heard her mom’s footsteps she’d mustered a... Continue Reading →

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