Cell Phones Not Allowed

She thought she’d sneak a peek hiding her cell phone under her blouse. Quiet as a church mouse she pulled her arms inside the sleeves, and tucked her chin so her v-neck touched her forehead figuring she could feign sleep, but the volume though turned down still made a notable enough sound. Suppressing a grin the Room Monitor focused in her direction thinking, “OK. A church mouse it is.”

Unaware and absorbed in her movie she began to laugh, but her voice dropped off in a squeak. She looked around; satin draped and surrounded as she landed on her phone balancing on all four feet. The phone dropped meeting the floor with a slap. Jumping up alarmed, “where is this falling from, am I dreaming” she thought. Unable to grab the fabric and pull it from her head she scurried out from underneath what she thought had to be an unraveling bolt. Her chair was so high; the Monitor, normally a couple inches shorter than she was a giant, “what’s she smiling at? Aaaam I asleep?” Her tiny heart pounded faster than it ever had. The Monitor scooped her up ever gently placing her in a conjured maze. A few more came in. “Oh look at the mouse. Is it yours?” Each student wanted to touch it that it didn’t like at all. “Why won’t it move… huh, whadaya know… poor thing. Hey someone left their stuff behind. Strange.” “Don’t worry, leave it be. She’ll be back.” They shrugged and chose other seats.

Forty minutes later all left for the day. The Monitor took the befuddled mouse placing it back on her pile of clothes. She woke in her chair, she thought, after a horrible dream. “It’s time to leave. You were asleep but you know cell phones are not an option during detention. Here, it slipped from your hand,” and she gave it back. “A good movie I’ll say that much. I might have put it on for both of us to watch since it’s your last day and up until this last decision you’d done so well. You were quiet as a church mouse about getting situated but the phone wasn’t.”

“A church mouse?” She looked into the Monitor’s eyes startled then quickly averted, “I’m sorry Ma’am” was all she could say as she scurried passed. “I don’t usually walk this fast…” her thoughts trailed. “It’ll wear off soon enough”, the Monitor thought, “though tonight you’ll be craving cheese.” The lights turned themselves out as she locked the door.

All in a day’s work, there is no more.



They knew their teacher wouldn’t be there today. What they’d wind up with was another story. Subs weren’t what they used to be, not that they’d been around all that long but long enough to know something wasn’t right with the young ones who spent more time on their cell phones than they did talking to the class.

Stay tuned.

The eight of them were gathered outside the classroom door. Locked! Up the stairs she came. “Don’t tell me they’ve locked us out” she began to say when one blurted, “we’ve got the witch!” She looked at him but he was happy, and had excitedly thrown his hands in the air in celebration. “Witch! Because I have curly hair! Witch!” She turned to see who she could find with a key as a monitor reached the top of the stair and let them in. “I didn’t mean anything. I wasn’t talking about you” the boy had nervously sputtered. “You didn’t say anything until you saw me.” She wasn’t about to let him off the hook.

They all got situated. “Come up front and sign this sheet. We’ll use it for attendance. You know,” she said as they gathered round the desk, if I were a witch I’d have turned you into a frog by now and wouldn’t turn you back until you’d caught an insect with your tongue and swallowed it.” “I ain’t eatin’ no bugs’ he nervously replied to everyones’ laughter, his eyes darting around the room. “Einstein had hair like this. Wouldn’t you be better off saying ‘hey it’s that teacher with the crazy Einstein hair’?”

The others went back to their seats smiling but he hadn’t replied, distracted by a partially webbed fly on the windowsill.