I went to the Farmer’s Market, something I didn’t do so much when I was alive but now I don’t have to pay. I enjoy the best. Nice not to have to worry about budget. There are lots of apples, have been for a couple of weeks if its been that long, so I’m guessing it’s fall. Several people are wearing heavy sweaters – must be a cooler day. As I walk skin flakes off leaving a trail like breadcrumbs but I don’t think anyone knows one way or the other. I can tell a heavy breeze, not a gentle one, is blowing leaves around by the way everyone’s hair is tussled, everyone’s jackets, dresses and scarves fly. My hair stays perfectly still for a change, big curly hair, my crazy unruly stuff for my whole life now lies perfect. Death has its perks if only my skin would stop peeling off. Be nice if it’d grow back.

I find honey-crisp apples. Always loved these. Take several then move on to honey, speaking of which, and grab a larger squeeze bottle. A couple of stands down someone’s offering handcrafted earrings looks like silver with coral, jade and turquoise. I pick out a couple pair wondering if my earlobes will give way. They haven’t yet. Do I want anything else? Long dresses becoming trendy, not that it matters but I’ve always liked them so I grab a couple. Might just cover up my dilemma, for who to see I don’t know if only me when I look into the mirror I won’t see the flesh I’ve lost. This is turning out to be quite a day. Shame no one sells boots.

Speaking of no one I get not a glance. Does anyone notice a bag floating around on its own or are folks just being polite as if I were a leper and looking the other way for the sake of my privacy? Would they run from a leper these days? Think I might stop by that Chinese Buffet and get dinner, no, maybe just the market to get sushi. The guy who’s behind the counter was there when I was alive and makes the best then again I could just help myself at the fish counter. Always loved fish. Yeah, fish it is. Sea Bass, only the best.


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