Between (Adventures With The Undead): Not Dead Yet

As I approach the door to my house those two officials, well, official looking people are standing there, again I think. He’s telling her how ridiculous it is to be afraid to enter and she keeps saying, “Ok then you go”, but no one moves. Funny. She nudges him, he stands glued to his spot and says it’s like there’s a force field preventing him from moving forward. She’s not admitting anything. Maybe she feels it too. All I can think is they’re both ridiculous as I pass between them and unlock the door. Now she goes on about hearing something but neither of them saw anything, not spook, specter nor a woman with peeling skin entering her house with groceries, nothing.


Funny how I can eat but I can’t remember the last time I went to the bathroom. I stand in front of the mirror to change but nothing’s flapping off with the clothes. Guess I shook off enough with the walk. Those strong winds I couldn’t feel blew away the debris of me. The dress looks nice and covers up a lot. My funeral shroud maybe? Haven’t had one of those that I can remember. Maybe that’s what’s wrong. I don’t sleep so it’s not like something will suddenly come to mind that will trigger something else in my dreams. Maybe I’m not dead and someone needs to find me. Maybe someone needs to come into the house. Oh yeah, according to those two there’s a force field. Is my presence here that ominous? Ha! I’d never have thought of myself in those terms before. Can’t say I don’t have a presence. Is being here telling others to look somewhere else.

Does that make sense?

In this realm who knows. Get a load of me… realm.


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