Between: Adventures With The Undead Continues A Bit


“She could still be alive then if it’s only one.”

“I know.”

“What could have happened? Somebody jump her? Did she fall somewhere?”

He looked at his friend exasperated. “How would I know but I know where she walks. We walk back that way all the time when we’re doing stuff together. I’ll bet she’s unconscious. That’s why we can feel her so strong here.”

“That almost makes sense except wouldn’t we feel her strongest where she was unconscious and not here? She’d be floating around there. Why would we feel her here?

Oww! Why’d you do that?” He cooed as he massaged what might be a bicep someday.

“Floating? Because meathead, she’d come back here, her, I don’t know, her subconscious self to the place she lived… maybe? Who knows how it works but if something happened to me I’d want to let someone know about it. I’d jump out of my body or something. Try to reach someone. I’m like her. She’s not a person who gives up easy.”


They both went out the door and I just stood there. That one boy looked familiar. Actually, so did his friend but there was something about that one. According to them I had a family, well; he was my family. I went out the door. If I followed them I might remember something.



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