Between: Adventures With The Undead Continues A Bit More But Not That Much

When I stepped out the door I didn’t see them but I thought I saw a path across from the yard. I wondered why I hadn’t noticed it before. Maybe I liked to walk that way before I was dead, or whatever. I didn’t get far before I heard the two boys talking just ahead. Interesting the way focusing on them helped me forget about my peeling skin. Remember that? Yeah, it’s still peeling. Interesting the way I can’t feel a breeze or know if I stepped in water, can’t hear sounds of nature but I could hear those people, or the two of them. Weird.

Food for thought on the topic of peeling skin: am I somewhere damp, I mean, my body? Maybe? Don’t know what would make your skin peel other than sunburn. Should catch up with those two. If they’d call each other by a name I might get a clue.

I couldn’t help but get caught up in the peacefulness of the path – the trees, the scenery. Couldn’t tell if there were any noises so no detecting a babbling brook, wouldn’t know if I stepped in one unless I looked down, but I got such a feeling. Maybe I liked it here. Watch out, genius emerging…

Better catch up with those boys.


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