One Wrong Word

  In the middle of the night I should write something   Right?   Instead of sleeping I’ve to wake up soon   Sleep is overrated   C’mon muse Let’s see what we’ve got   Sleeping I’m not     He decided to stop in at a roadside café / diner, Myas’ Place. But it... Continue Reading →


Morning Toast

  He was going to kill her…   That’s a hell of a way to start off, but it was true…   He was going to kill her, but she kept arguing, she’d had enough, no backing down. She was leaving him and that was that. His berating and ultimate demands had no effect. She... Continue Reading →

Food & Drink Here: Myas’ Place

It's been a while. A mysterious road-stop when you need it. Walking, biking, driving, passing by better than Brigadoon it appears. You’re not sure you’d noticed it before but it’s a friendly looking place, cozy Lincoln Logs, not something you see everyday, and the smells of coffee and cooking are heavenly. Like fog clearing you... Continue Reading →

Silent Through Fall Leaves: Young Love

  Agon sat in his basement absorbed in his crossword puzzle. On his wall were those he’d completed making it look like it was a collage instead of concrete. In the background was a bubbling sound. It had taken almost a year for him to set up his network of beakers, pipets, flasks, and cylinders... Continue Reading →

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