Dirges In The Wind



So much I’ve read


Of sorrow


Love lost


Of woman’s forthright hope


Her strength




Odds don’t stand a chance


But she fights her battle alone


His heart never was there



A woman will despair


Why doesn’t he know me?


The one who I love






But that’s the thing you see


He does know you


More than you can ever hope


Perfectly, complete



He knows the song your synapse sings


The fire it will bring


He could fulfill you more


Than a diamond reflects


His refractions are limitless


Therein lies injustice


Upon which his foundation acts


Driven, selfish, and vain


He knows just how to use them


That you don’t detect


Undiscovered as of yet



Time passes


Life fleets by


How did you get here where you now stand?


Feeling without substance, without quality


Lost never to be found


Take heart yet still lament


Let it leap in its pain


One thing is certain


He knows you inside and out


Your dream is reality


If but only for his gain



Or so he thinks



In all honesty you knew



“I never took you as stupid”


Don’t be afraid to say


“I’ve known all along


I’ve known since I met you


Your ability for pain


Substances comprising you


Of which no human should be made


What you know you’ll gain


From what you intend to do


Chin up, my dear one


I never doubted you, intimate friend


But woman has the burden


To see it through to the end


The path stretched ahead


To set you back on the curb


As she walks away


Now turn


Face that with your impeccable vanity


Toward the mirror


Look hard


What does it have to say?”



“What a weird poem” he thought as he tossed the letter she’d written him in the direction of the trash. “She trying to get romantic? Appeal to my soft side? She’s ready. I can ask for anything and I’ll get it.” He turned toward the large package wrapped in plain brown paper that’d been delivered with the note. “Did she buy me a mirror? Does she want me to see how beautiful I really am?” He laughed out loud partially spraying the Small Batch Rye he’d just taken a mouthful of. Instead of wiping off what had spilled down his chin he rubbed it into his jacket lapel. “My perfume for the evening.” He tore the paper and doubled over in hysterics. “It is a mirror! Too much… Impeccable vanity.” He calmed enough to admire his reflection. “She got impeccable right…”


The light in the room changed he thought. He turned to look toward the window thinking clouds were passing but he couldn’t see it. “Was it supposed to rain?” He took a step or tried to but hit the glass hard knocking himself back. He stumbled, sat on the floor shaking his head looking around. He was surrounded by darkness the only light coming from the mirror. “What the… how… this doesn’t make sense… I walked into the mirror? How’d I do that?”


He thought he saw her standing in the corner but hadn’t heard her come in. “What…” She walked toward the mirror. He stood and began yelling at her but she just looked around like he wasn’t there. He took a step to grab her but his hands hit glass. He tried to grab the mirror frame to throw it across the room but there was no frame. He was trapped. She’d found his baseball bat; prized possession autographed by Babe Ruth, took her stance and swung.


The mirror shattered into fine powder that she vacuumed up before she left. She removed the bag and got the trash to the curb just before the sanitation truck pulled up. Back in the house she replaced it, put the vacuum away and locked the door behind her.


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