The Cool Morning Air


She had the door open just for a change. The sliding glass had been pulled back and the breeze filtered through the screen cool, almost invigorating. Two windows had been opened for cross-ventilation, not perfect but nice. After finishing her post power-walk energy drink concoction she stripped off her sweaty clothing dropping each piece into the basket then stood in the bathroom for the morning routine. As she turned off the faucet there was a stir. What was it?

She stepped into the hallway and saw him standing by the dining room table. Neither ashamed nor afraid she moved toward him. He turned half breaking into a grin his eyes glittering watching as a woman completely in the nude approached. Well now, he’d finally picked the right place but did he? He hadn’t noticed her hand.

He awoke on his back. It was hot worse than stifling. Where was he?

He tried to sit up but found himself held fast. Very much alarmed, straining to look around he was surrounded by flames, not like a bonfire but in alcoves, lanterns, ovens; there were so many. Before he could utter a sound there were steps, those heavy steps from horror movies prelude to a beast, maybe a monstrous Clydesdale or worse. They stopped at his side as a horned head leaned over him. Its incisors gleamed.


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