Well It’s Still Halloween


Nothing first came to me when I looked at it

Though I know I’ll come back again

The 31st not far away

I will not let it end






Let’s see,



The howling dog, the moon and the creaking boards made for the perfect, no, the single most perfect setting. She needed the moon for her transformation of course but the dog and creaking were a bonus. How was it she never knew this house was there? How could she have missed it?

She sensed a presence. “It won’t be a buzz kill”, he hissed.



100WCGU – Week#172



The Prompt: …the howling dog, the moon and the creaking boards made for …


Well, It Is Halloween

She knew she had to do it. The only way she was gong to impress this guy and get him to go away was let him see her as she was. “Timing is everything”, she reasoned “but I can’t decide when to change. Should it be first thing or after a romantic evening? What a buzz kill… or is he that kind of freaky?”

She couldn’t help the grin. A drop of venom soaked into her dull brick red silk and viscose blouse. It vanished. Absent-mindedly she brushed at the spot.


100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups – #Week171



prompt: … I can’t decide when to change…


He spent more time with that thing than he did with her. When he wasn’t detailing it, bathing it then rubbing it down with a soft cloth, blowing it kisses for crying out loud, his head was under the hood, and she was tired of car shows. This year he was thinking big; he wanted to take her to the Indianapolis 500. “Indianapolis 500, right. How many ‘smokin-hot rides’ will I be in competition with there?” She’d had enough.

Jill packed her bag and grabbed his key. “A little detailing before I go?” She pulled its brick red velvet tarp back impulsively kicking the tire. “Please don’t.” It was a weak voice. “What?” “Somebody help me.”

She came-to on the garage floor.

Kiss The Cook


She stirred her brew

And it started to stew

She sang to all children

Come hither please do

I’ve a present for you

No need to nibble like a mouse

Come to the door

One sip, no more

You’ll want not to leave

Your company I crave


Her stomach rumbled

A sigh she gave

The fragrance rose

It smelled so sweet

Billowed pretty in pink

Turned the chimney too

The stirring she stopped

Sat back and she rocked

Sharp smile and waited

No more to do

The rest up to you




The Prompt:


100-Word Challenge For Grown-Ups





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