But He Can’t Get Away With This! In Other Words Continues: Figurines And Models

      Agon chattered on about his collection as the trains traveled around, between and beneath the two women. To Natalie the time seemed never ending as she watched him delight in all he had created. But he wasn’t really delighted.   “A whack-job!” There was something missing in all of this something lacking... Continue Reading →


That Place Between Sleep And Awake

      They’d gone shopping. After groceries it was the video store then the promise of burgers and fries.   Nikki backed the stroller out, her son followed behind with his nose in the bag of snacks they’d just bought while his new brother slept peacefully. She turned and looked at the busy rural... Continue Reading →

In Media Res Is Ok But How About A Little Background

   What’s Up With Agon   Agon’s girlfriend disappeared after their breakup and devastated he’d left town, at least that’s what everyone’d said. He was a glassblower, one of those guys you’d see at fairs and carnivals making all kinds of nifty things from the end of a long straw: knick-knacks, small bottles, little dishes;... Continue Reading →

In Other Words: But What Happened Next?

    Natalie’s skin felt as smooth as marble. Agon was pleased with the transformation but Natalie’s eyes were wide in horror as she tried to cry out. Her lips weren’t sealed shut but hardened unmovable and she could see but not blink. Tears formed and slid down her cold, smooth cheeks. He brushed a... Continue Reading →

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