And Then What? In Other Words: Cars




Agon moved Astrid and Natalie to the center of the room tilting one then the other onto a custom dolly. “I have to show you my race track. I’ve had it since I was ten. Wait here.” “Is he kidding! What has he done to me, why can’t I move? And Astrid! Wait here! WAIT HERE! If I could topple onto him and crack out of this like breaking out of a shell… like a chick, maybe a lizard… wouldn’t mind being a poisonous one of those…  ” But Natalie couldn’t budge, her fear had turned to anger and her thoughts couldn’t be stilled. There was something in Astrid’s eyes that caused her insides to quake. “I’m still ok, human or whatever, my insides are shaking. I must still be ok…” He came back with two large boxes then proceeded to set up a racing wonderland. Around them and between them he weaved and constructed. He raised inclines like roller coasters then wove them around and through each other. “You two pretend to be goddesses looking over your kingdom.”


Cars whirred around through fabricated bridges and countryside.



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