In Media Res Is Ok But How About A Little Background


 What’s Up With Agon


Agon’s girlfriend disappeared after their breakup and devastated he’d left town, at least that’s what everyone’d said. He was a glassblower, one of those guys you’d see at fairs and carnivals making all kinds of nifty things from the end of a long straw: knick-knacks, small bottles, little dishes; he was a novice chemist owning an assortment of beakers, pipettes, cylinders and Bunsen burners, and a collector. He wasn’t interested in airplanes, car models or to-scale buildings. His tastes spanned a different horizon, I mean, we all have our quirks.


Busy concocting chemicals one day, Agon’d spotted a spider scurrying across his worktable. “Ah, a volunteer!” He snatched a dropper, filled it with liquid that’d been bubbling, and keeping pace with it from above released drop by drop until the spider had no choice but to slow and finally stop. He tapped at it gently, picked it up, placed it on the palm of his hand and smiling to himself carried it to a corner hutch to add to his unique collection. He turned and grabbed a Maestro 2, some liquid, and walked over to a scale likeness of his ex-girlfriend to smooth a dry area. “You can never leave me,” he crooned. “We are forever.”


You know, to look at him you wouldn’t think anything about him, at least nothing to worry about…


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