But He Can’t Get Away With This! In Other Words Continues: Figurines And Models




Agon chattered on about his collection as the trains traveled around, between and beneath the two women. To Natalie the time seemed never ending as she watched him delight in all he had created. But he wasn’t really delighted.


“A whack-job!” There was something missing in all of this something lacking in Agon. “What is it? What’s wrong with his excitement? It’s like he’s empty, like the way he’s acting is from a TV episode. What’s… what is it? What does he do when he wants physical contact? Does he want physical contact? He’s happy with this? He’s not anything. Man… passion! There’s no passion, no, no… conviction! Huh, thanks agent Phil… what was that guy’s last name, Colton, Calder, Coulton… Coulson! Loki lacked conviction, no passion in what he… in his actions.” Thoughts, the reality of his mental stability or lack of it actually startled her. A quivering sensation shot through Natalie’s stomach. She began to feel sick, nauseated. What if her bodily functions gave way? “No! Keep clear. There must be a way.” Suddenly he yanked the plug out of the outlet. The trains stopped, he stood fixated eyes shooting from Astrid to Natalie to Astrid to Natalie. “Oh god…” Natalie felt as if her body might collapse in on itself. “Am I a containment bomb? No, stop! Stay focused…pay attention…” Agon’s eyes began to twinkle. “He can’t know if I’m thinking anything, I can’t move… can’t give anything away – no signals, damn, what now.” “My ladies, my Ladies! You are both so beautiful. I must put you where there is beauty. Away, away from this basement, this dungeon unfair! I should not have brought you here thus! Forgive me…” He bowed low extending his right leg like the Player in Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead only Richard Dreyfus did it better. “He has passion – a player king indeed. If this tool reads Shakespeare at all he’s no less a psychotic… thus. There I go.” Agon shot out of the room. Natalie heard something sounding like equipment falling or being moved around – he was looking for something. “What a fruit-loop!” He emerged driving another dolly. Well, not exactly driving, but like one of those forklift things used in a warehouse only smaller with a platform. I don’t know, you’d have to see it. “Road trip, field trip…” Natalie looked over at Astrid. Her eyes were rimmed in red. Had she been through this before or was it something else? “I wonder how long she’s been here…”


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