Wouldn’t you know it! In Other Words: Tents

    Agon came home with an open tent, the kind a small revival could be held in, as protection for his statues. He went about his business assembling carefully positioning branches for protection of the fabric but this time in silence. The only reason he glanced at them was to determine the angle of... Continue Reading →


There Must Be An Option! In Other Words: Goddesses

    “Well, I guess that makes us fully poseable!” As he loaded both of them she thought of how she’d watched him at work, wanted to let him know how she wanted him, just wanted to make something happen between them… indefinitely. Now there was nothing appealing about him, to say the least.  ... Continue Reading →

Shall We Have a Moral To The Story: The Cool Morning Air

    The little toad hadn’t gotten far but nestled itself in the base of a tree just outside her patio. He sat there staring ahead trying to wrap his mind around what had just happened then glancing down noticed his skin had become the same shade as the tree. “Compassion or a side effect?... Continue Reading →

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