There Must Be An Option! In Other Words: Goddesses



“Well, I guess that makes us fully poseable!” As he loaded both of them she thought of how she’d watched him at work, wanted to let him know how she wanted him, just wanted to make something happen between them… indefinitely. Now there was nothing appealing about him, to say the least.


She turned her attention to options; what kind of help was out there that might come to her rescue, which would lead to Astrid’s too. There were no parents anymore to be concerned about her but friends from work, or work itself; would anyone realize she’s missing? How long? She began rethinking almost regretting her preference for working independently. “If I get out of this I’m hiring a secretary! What am I saying… when I get out of this. Maybe a small intimate business team.” She remembered how she used to fantasize Agon being her man Friday as opposed to a gal Friday. Not any more.


Agon moved Astrid and Natalie into a garden in his yard. He had fabric on the ground near two pedestals that he draped around them. He stepped back admiring his two goddesses, two figures from mythology adding ambience to his surroundings. “It’s a beautiful day. Enjoy each other’s company. I’ll be back later.” He turned and left.


“What does he care!” Natalie’s mind raced as she looked around figuring a way to escape. “If I could only move.” She looked at Astrid startled. Her arm had lowered. “The sun!”




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