Wouldn’t you know it! In Other Words: Tents



Agon came home with an open tent, the kind a small revival could be held in, as protection for his statues. He went about his business assembling carefully positioning branches for protection of the fabric but this time in silence. The only reason he glanced at them was to determine the angle of the drape and height. As he’d done before he stepped back and spoke almost absent-mindedly, “I wanted it intimate like silk over a boudoir bed as it keeps the sun off you. Comfortable?” With a glazed expression he looked in their direction for a moment then left again. Natalie got a chill and her stomach turned at the ominousness of his words. “Boudoir bed? Isn’t that the same thing? Boudoir. Oh man. But there’s just no emotion when he speaks. What could happen to us? What is going to happen to us? Geezus!” Natalie saw Astrid’s arm was lower than before. Her heart throbbing calmed. “He didn’t notice. Thank-you. He didn’t notice.” The weather had been predicted as sunny, upper 70s. “The sun can still be our friend. If I could move…”




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