Now What



She’d Been Thinking So Hard


Miggz stopped there drawing a blank. To emphasize the point she drew a line across the page. She’d read authors working their character description in with the narrative and continue on with the story then stopped her thoughts dead in their tracks. “Everyone knows enough about everyone or the couple of people involved; no sense in getting complicated… easy reading. Yes.” She sat back and looked over the text wondering what could possibly occur to her. Just because that Jung Test had categorized her as a bulwark of strength CEO that should steer away from fiction, there was no reason to swallow it hook, line and sinker. Any CEO would know that. It’s like a horoscope, especially when you share two signs because you were born on a cusp. Not all the characteristics are you. Miggz thought of her Indian friend who’d turned out to not be much of a friend after she’d gone through all her books checking out Miggz’ characteristics, moons, and whatever else then flipping out as if she were going to turn into some kind of monster. She’d read them over and tried to reassure “this isn’t me… I wouldn’t do that” but her friend packed up her family and took them back to the reservation a couple states away. “Overkill you think!


“I wonder what I was supposed to become. Having horns and a long pointy tail, would be uncomfortable. Well, I’m getting off track. OK. Tents, arm was lowered thanks to the sun, Agon losing focus… Agon, I remember Agon, loved redheads and sex under waterfalls… crazy… interesting.” The man whose named she’d used had been a friend. He’d been ballsy enough to go skinny-dipping although her soon-enough-to-be-the-first-ex husband-then-boyfriend didn’t want him to. He’d laughed and said ‘she’s seen them before, you afraid she’ll know someone’s is bigger than yours’ turned so she could get a peek and dove into the reservoir. “Those were the days. Getting off track again… ok, the heat of the day was going to trump the tent’s usefulness. I’ve got an ending but what between here now and then? I mean, they’ve got to get away…”

She decided to stop and plug in Bogie and Hepburn. She’d read Lauren Bacall was there during the shooting. “Couldn’t pick a better film to relax and possibly fall asleep to. See what the morning brings.”