Now What: Still Stuck But Getting Comfortable




Nestling into just the perfect spot, before she began to drift off, she realized she had to get up one last time. Making her way back to her room she remembered reading it’s good to find someone to read the manuscript for the sake of feedback. She thought of a friend who’d passed away not all that long ago. “How am I going to give you my manuscript so you can tell me how to go about marketing it? Marketing, I shouldn’t even think about that. The book isn’t anywhere near close to being done.” The word séance drifted through her mind. Why was it so frightening? It shouldn’t be if it were a friend, should be welcomed. As she settled back in to an almost perfect spot and her eyes closed she dreamt she was walking on dry leaves without making a sound but it was for her life. She kept chanting, “Walking on dry leaves she made not a sound. One crackle will bring him… him…” There was an image that wasn’t clear then noise in the background. The neighbors must’ve let their dog out off the leash like they weren’t supposed to and now they were screaming for her to come back. When she’d completely come-to Miggz heard drunken laughter. “Great. Right outside the window.” The dog came back and the party went back inside. “Thanks. I didn’t like that dream anyway.” She drifted back to sleep.