Off The Sinus Meds…



I feel like writing something spooky, been on my mind all morning then I thought of this one piece from a while back to do with underhandedness, keeping social security alive although the recipient is dead and possible consequences. When all is said and done, we do bring it on ourselves…


Oohhh… I remember it now and what it was inspired by. Wonder if I could find it? Anyway, the laptop was left on and the woman’s face, I’ll not forget it seemed she was looking straight at me. First of all, I never leave the laptop on, that move was weird in itself. Second, glancing down at the obituary the look on her face startled me. I didn’t remember it looking that way. Why would she care anyway? Can’t use it anymore, her social security I mean. Why come back from the grave to seek… well, what are we seeking? Not revenge, no one was hurt or anything, money wasn’t kept from anyone, she wasn’t murdered to get it, I mean, I wasn’t going to collect it forever, just until all the paperwork caught up. As her caregiver or I should say if I were her caregiver she’d have given it to me and I’d done it with others who never saw fit to come back… wait, well; I guess someone did, that man with her in the restaurant. Didn’t try to collect his though. Guess we make friends in the afterlife.


Food for thought.


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