Haven’t Got A Clue Yet But That Doesn’t Mean Anything

  Another day but still no way, nothing “Why does the world fight back when…” A phrase simple enough but then Too much wine with salmon and greens   I know! “Sitting at the desk catching a glimpse of the evil eye charm…”   “Nah, that’s going nowhere”, I mused (about this writing challenge I... Continue Reading →

Tents: Escape At Your Fingertips

      Astrid’s arm was even lower than the first time she noticed. “The sun can still be our friend. I should try to move…” Natalie concentrated – her foot moved… She looked at Astrid suddenly horrified. How long Astrid had been like that hit her like a ton of bricks. She didn’t know.... Continue Reading →

Now What Continues On

      Thumbing through all that’d been written so far she still had nothing for connecting Natalie’s dilemma to something that’ll get the two of them away from Agon. The sun was in their favor making the solution or whatever it was that solidified over their skin causing them, no rendering them immobile far... Continue Reading →

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