Now What Continues On




Thumbing through all that’d been written so far she still had nothing for connecting Natalie’s dilemma to something that’ll get the two of them away from Agon. The sun was in their favor making the solution or whatever it was that solidified over their skin causing them, no rendering them immobile far from infallible. “His flawed design? I don’t know.” Then she remembered something about a controller of some sort that had triggered the process but was that part of the longer story or had she used that with one of those writing challenge prompt-things.


“Maybe I’ll start a load to wash…”


She got a shudder as if there were someone in the room. A presence but Miggz had ensured… made sure… made certain… anyway, had stopped the checks from coming to her so the woman “and her buddy I guess” could rest in peace.


“Maybe what I should do is check the mailbox.”





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