Tents: Escape At Your Fingertips




Astrid’s arm was even lower than the first time she noticed. “The sun can still be our friend. I should try to move…” Natalie concentrated – her foot moved… She looked at Astrid suddenly horrified. How long Astrid had been like that hit her like a ton of bricks. She didn’t know. What if the solution was a part of her like in that movie about living people made into wax figures but the wax could never be removed or it’d kill them? Would she be responsible for murder; would this be the day when life changed?


It was about to.








100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups


The prompt this week is:

“…would this be the day when life changed…”


2 thoughts on “Tents: Escape At Your Fingertips

Add yours

    1. I have an ending, not that all will end there (maybe it will) – right now I’m writing a pathway. It occurred to me how similar this is to a technique used by accounting instructors. I know what I want the answer to be but I have to figure out the equation.

      Excerpts are on this blog if you’d like to thumb through.


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