Haven’t Got A Clue Yet But That Doesn’t Mean Anything


Another day but still no way, nothing

“Why does the world fight back when…”

A phrase simple enough but then

Too much wine with salmon and greens


I know! “Sitting at the desk catching a glimpse of the evil eye charm…”


“Nah, that’s going nowhere”, I mused (about this writing challenge I chose to embark upon).



Well, what about that other story?



Astrid was watching Natalie closely though Natalie didn’t know it. “Her foot moved, my arm is lower and Agon will be gone for a while. I know just how long he’s going to take. Wish there were some way I could tell her.”





 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups




 The Prompt Is: “….why does the world fight back when….”


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