Sending Out Coffee Emojis

  “4am, past the witching hour on the way to morning. Sent coffee symbols to some, wish we could meet up for one but we’re at different ends of the earth for all intents and purposes. This will have to do. Typed far enough down that it’s safe to highlight the title without the system... Continue Reading →


‘Tween Places Three

    He started thinking to himself then turned looking at the, what he figured to be, the dead guy in his front seat. In fact, he seemed a little more decayed. “Bodies don’t decay that fast… do they? The hood sure cooled down fast. It’s not cool… hey, I can’t tell. Doesn’t feel like... Continue Reading →

Auld Lang Syne Or Not

“He died Baby”, he’d said. “Benjamin found him when he came home from school in his recliner with dark stuff coming out of his mouth…” “Bile” Meghan interjected. “I’m a medical person Sean. That’s renal failure and that’s bile. Drank himself to death finally.” Not surprising but her heart went out to his son, the... Continue Reading →

‘Tween Places Two

      The jaw was slack. “How could I see that from here?” He thought he should step closer but found himself there. “What’s this, the twilight zone? Any other time that might be funny.” The skin seemed taught over the face. It was taught enough making the features look boney, teeth slightly bared.... Continue Reading →

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