‘Tween Places Three



He started thinking to himself then turned looking at the, what he figured to be, the dead guy in his front seat. In fact, he seemed a little more decayed. “Bodies don’t decay that fast… do they? The hood sure cooled down fast. It’s not cool… hey, I can’t tell. Doesn’t feel like anything.” He thought of jumping down and found himself by the door, the driver’s door. “Why haven’t I called the police?” He reached for his cell but he didn’t have it. “I have to get it from the car… gross, well at least he’s dead. There won’t be a ‘struggle’.” There were lights in the distance, a car slowly rolling down the street. “Wonder what time… the light hasn’t changed. Still a strange color for twilight… shouldn’t it be night…”


The car was stopped behind his. A police officer was out looking in the windows. He tried the door.




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