If we’re all dead there can be no apocalypse

Sounds extreme

Or not


Could there be a better way


Let’s look at the math

The Reaper takes away (-)

So does the Apocalypse (-)

That means we’re done for, you know, the human race (-)

Now that’s supposed to be correct

The addition

The algebraic equation

Parentheses protecting implications

I’ve always hated algebra I cannot deny

But what if somehow can we stay (+)

How can two negatives make a positive?

I mean even opposing each other a zero results

Still the end

We are done for again


I expect a Nobel Prize if I can work it out

Peace will reign


Let’s look at a dragon battle, a simple game


Because they want the prize

Continued existence

Renewed life

Riches untold in food and gold

Positive stuff

Annihilation that equals a positive

Now, keep emotions in check

Warmongering at bay

A mathematical mind





Reaper Dragon (-) meets the Apocalypse Dragon (-)

They face but he dares not bow


One swipe of the scythe Apocalypse could be gone

He’s too wise, older than time, ancient being to offer his neck

Been around since the creation

In fact he was here first

He boasts

“You must take everyone at once to defeat me Reaper” (-)

I would imagine he’d roar

“Only without humanity there can be no apocalypse (-)

Simply no one would be around to record the event (-)

And you will cease to exist (-)

With nothing to reap (-)

Yet kill humanity you kill yourself (-)

Doom and his instrument, me and you, we are peas in a pod” (-)


So far the math follows



The Reaper considered the reality of his jest

No more than that it could be

“I’m condemned before I get started

Hopeless at the gate

We’ll see”

With a swipe unseen Apocalypse staggered back

Head held on by a thread proverbially

Or still stuck on his shoulders by internal goo

No time for surprise

It did its apocalyptic best to swipe back, retaliate

To conjure chaos, destruction and the end

A sucker punch at the most

Connect it must

“My power… no…

Where did it go?”

The Reaper shakes its head

Smiles that boney grin

“It’s your time, RIP”

Scythe raised a final blow (-)

Apocalypse gone, no more in this place (-)

Into thin air

Vanished without a trace

Not even becoming dust like television vampires do (+)

Yes, television was saved too (+ +)


The thing with statistics is although it all adds up

Averages out

One variable throws it off

Changes the graph

Annihilation was high, now it’s low

Execs harumph – humph that it cannot be

A negative plus a negative equals a positive

Read it and weep


Well, what do you know











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