Déjà Vu: Who’d’a Thunk It!

  Finally relaxing at a genuine bakery with a New York staple buttered roll! What took her so long to find this place especially after all the times she'd walked by it over the past couple of years! It said bakery in the name. Didn’t it click? Thank goodness the light finally came on. She... Continue Reading →



  It felt like plastic netting only soft. She sensed the ridges on her skin and heard “zzzip” like rolling ‘rrrrrhs” as she passed. “Spiders.” Glancing up she saw the web wasn't damaged but glistened in the sun in a fine rough-edged sheet. A movie scene flashed through her mind of walking through seemingly harmless... Continue Reading →

Something Apocalyptic

  We’re supposed to be getting back to work after the holiday but the roads just aren’t busy. It’s as peaceful as Christmas morning in a heavy snow, that mysterious silence. Hmm… it’s not completely impossible the world ended and I slept through it. I mean, I wouldn’t put it passed me. Let’s see what... Continue Reading →

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