Something Apocalyptic


We’re supposed to be getting back to work after the holiday but the roads just aren’t busy. It’s as peaceful as Christmas morning in a heavy snow, that mysterious silence. Hmm… it’s not completely impossible the world ended and I slept through it. I mean, I wouldn’t put it passed me. Let’s see what outside looks like.


Well, I’d written that just after Thanksgiving and intended to add to it as a good morning type of post but I let it sit there, had a couple of thoughts about what I’d do with it possibly tying it in with something else I’d written, but ultimately let it sit there. I have to say that driving to return something at a store the other morning it was still desolate like something had gone wrong. My imagination went to ‘driving in an apocalypse’ although I think from another post I’d proven conclusively through statistics the Grim Reaper could wipe out an apocalypse and save humanity from that. Living in a college town when students are gone there is a big difference but not like this. One or two cars on the road, and it was the kind of cloudy that gives a post nuclear winter ambience. You know what I mean? I thought to myself people must still be recovering from New Year’s Eve celebration. But by January 2nd it should have been bustling, well, at least with those of us who still live here.


Maybe this can go somewhere. Let me think.




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