Reality Or Not


“It looks as if the plant has grown except it’s plastic. There’s no way.” Millie had to laugh at herself. The plant seemed changed and the plastic jewel in it caught in thickened vines but the only way that could be was if the Cory Catfish had moved it further down into the decorative foliage as it nuzzled around the tank feasting on the scraps of fish food that’d settled toward the bottom. “Striped fish aren’t that ambitious.” The water was the clearest it’d been since they’d bought it. How could that be with a three-gallon tank and tiny pump? Something mystical this way comes?


Good question.


Very good question but it was a ten-gallon tank now, new pump that wasn’t strong enough in her opinion, a second catfish to keep the first one company and the fish, all of them, had gotten fat. “Content fish too well fed I think. Could stand a bigger tank though. Where was I, yes, War, Darkness, Metal and Fire… don’t forget that, I have to breed another dragon.” Millie sat back half looking at the screen as she played the game the other eye on her typing. Interesting that a Grim Reaper attack can wipe out a Pure Dragon. “Not very pure maybe… also have to get enough gold to do some serious mining.” She had two new islands that needed to be cleared and decided to spend some gold on that. As she progressed in levels it becomes harder to, well, more expensive to buy islands. Not in gold that’d make it easier but in gems that are harder to get.


“I don’t know. Time for an espresso I think. Hope my stomach can handle it. Usually the flu doesn’t bug me – bug, it’s a bug and to bother. Somebody stop me.” She read everything over one more time. “What else? Oh, plug in the iPad.”





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