Sunday Is For Vampire


… And feeding dragons while I’m at it as Fat Tuesday approaches. Anyone going to Mardi Gras? Me neither, but one of these times I will get there. It’s like making sure you ‘get to Italy’ bucket list things… I will get to Mardi Gras. How hard could it be? We’re both in the same country… honestly. Traveling abroad was simpler.


Showered, feeling chilly with the heat from what was steamy wearing off and my wet hair distracting my attention. I’ll get a sweater and an espresso, put my earrings in (fill the holes in my head) while I’m at it. BRB.


That’s it; I’m getting up now… editing is the devil.


The sky is getting light and the espresso is fragrant, warming, steamy and sweet – something my son turned me on to in Italy. We sat in a café with our cappuccios and I watched him open a sugar packet or two and sprinkle it over the froth. Curiouser and curiouser but I’ve been a convert ever since…


Which vampire today? I don’t know but I’ve quite a collection from original black and white through 30 Days Of Night types or do I want moral, sappy ones trying to do the right thing, possibly classic  emotional drama queens – I mean, stop the whining Louis!


Ciao, ciao.




Sunday Is For Vampire


Watching vampire flicks

This one took the cake

On a spaceship

Nothing but darkness

Oh boy

A vampire’s joy

And the fools thought they had a find

Let us dock, board and look around

Add up what net value’d be

Even the legendary destroyer of your kind

This time would not succeed

There was just no way

Too many centuries have gone by

There would be no cure

No salvation found

Written in

For anyone

The option, run the ship aground


Being the sun


Pool cue stakes

Could work why not


No dust in the air, no flame

Corpses here and there

No special effects

Bad acting abounds

Ancestry rose to the occasion not

Mina no, Van Helsing nay

Though Mina warned beware

The crew couldn’t care

Vanity overrode the day, or night

A stake for one a stake for all

She lamented I told you so

The biggest stake for you

To collide with the sun

Enough light you think

No darkness UV protect


Now you’re through



The tough guy lay with the pretty bot

Former pleasure bot not always a narc sub-plot

Yeah, there was one of them too

No one knew

Should have seen the captain’s face

At any rate

Happy together moments tick away

Didn’t have to tell him twice

Explosion boom ship alight symbolic behind the scene

Leaving space debris

And the credits began to roll

Didn’t see that one coming

I sat with my mouth ajar


Guess we won’t jettison the count

And all would be cured

Tie breaking gravitational pull


Exhale we’re safe!


But no one knew how to navigate

How do you drive this thing

Survivors in shock

What just happened?

Thanks for remembering

Removing the stake

The hole in my heart healed up

Now he’s gone Drac Orloc

But no

I know why I don’t have a copy

I said aloud

To no one at all

Right then crystal clear

I love movies, even if it’s a B

Fine with me

Not this time

At least it was free


Well, I did buy a copy eventually




Fair Warning My Prince

I’m tired

Let’s sleep

How many times must I tell it default?

Lost count

Hmm, Count


Pleasant fatigue



Cuddle up with Drac

You know

That Prince Of Darkness

He drinks your blood

Handsome enough

Do I care?

Can I resist that come hither stare

To sink his reeth here, thither and yon

Do I want to?

If I fall asleep will he get the hint?

Go out

Have fun

What happens in Vegas

Or somewhere else

Stays as it goes

If you wake me with your bite

A stake for the heart my passion’s delight

I’ll give you undead

To cut off your head there’s no need

My slumber disturbed

Makes it fright night

Not for me but for you if you play this way

I’ll vacuum your ashes

Annoyed I’m awake

Bite the actress instead

Voyeur from my bed

Settling in

Better now

There, there

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