Fair Warning My Prince

I’m tired

Let’s sleep

How many times must I tell it default?

Lost count

Hmm, Count


Pleasant fatigue



Cuddle up with Drac

You know

That Prince Of Darkness

He drinks your blood

Handsome enough

Do I care?

Can I resist that come hither stare

To sink his reeth here, thither and yon

Do I want to?

If I fall asleep will he get the hint?

Go out

Have fun

What happens in Vegas

Or somewhere else

Stays as it goes

If you wake me with your bite

A stake for the heart my passion’s delight

I’ll give you undead

To cut off your head there’s no need

My slumber disturbed

Makes it fright night

Not for me but for you if you play this way

I’ll vacuum your ashes

Annoyed I’m awake

Bite the actress instead

Voyeur from my bed

Settling in

Better now

There, there


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