Sunday Is For Vampire


… And feeding dragons while I’m at it as Fat Tuesday approaches. Anyone going to Mardi Gras? Me neither, but one of these times I will get there. It’s like making sure you ‘get to Italy’ bucket list things… I will get to Mardi Gras. How hard could it be? We’re both in the same country… honestly. Traveling abroad was simpler.


Showered, feeling chilly with the heat from what was steamy wearing off and my wet hair distracting my attention. I’ll get a sweater and an espresso, put my earrings in (fill the holes in my head) while I’m at it. BRB.


That’s it; I’m getting up now… editing is the devil.


The sky is getting light and the espresso is fragrant, warming, steamy and sweet – something my son turned me on to in Italy. We sat in a café with our cappuccios and I watched him open a sugar packet or two and sprinkle it over the froth. Curiouser and curiouser but I’ve been a convert ever since…


Which vampire today? I don’t know but I’ve quite a collection from original black and white through 30 Days Of Night types or do I want moral, sappy ones trying to do the right thing, possibly classic  emotional drama queens – I mean, stop the whining Louis!


Ciao, ciao.




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