Sunday Is For Vampire But Right Now I’m Watching Dinosaurs With Sharks And The Loch Ness Monster On Deck

… marveling at man’s insistence at controlling a prehistoric animal. Four movies’ worth and he doesn’t learn similar to CEOs who just know their brand of embezzling is the winner and they won’t wind up in prison right up until s/he winds up in prison – remember when that was trending, from death, destruction, getting eaten, no surprise our taxes keep going up from all the damage, to someone training them through respecting them, possibly the key to making friends with raptors in particular getting to ride a dirt bike among them managing not to get eaten causing you to wonder is this finally the end? Can we stop making these movies now? The other cause for wonder is why the pterodactyl chills in a confined area instead of multiplying all over the earth destroying mankind. Out of everyone, they’re the ones who can leave the island.

But I love them, these movies, along with watching those educated Great Whites that terrorize a family even though each time the perpetrator – Great White in question – is blown to bits. Must be a family of sharks avenging the death of the last one lost, like when a Slayer dies another girl awakens as the Slayer. It’s her turn now. Vampires beware.

Who can resist franchise without end? Amen.


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