Sunday Is For Vampire But Beware

.... my grandson is here so there can be nothing too graphic, sensual, or generally give-you-nightmares scary. Hmm... there go my favorites... but not all of them. The Littlest Vampire will do it nicely. I'll be plugging it in in a moment. How bright the sun... the sun! Better close those blinds...


Sunday Is Still For Vampire But I’ve A Book To Read

  The first cardinal rule in Philosophy is never assume. Isn’t it amazing in a very sad way that’s what most people do from just a glance and what piss-poor attitudes they have when it turns up they’re dead wrong? What makes it worse is everyone else’s attitude toward the assumptor / assumptorette when it... Continue Reading →

Sunday Is for Vampire: Eggs And Mama Lupe’s

  And sometimes it’s not about vampires at all. Or it could be… nah, that’s repeating myself. Scratch ‘or it could be’. Ok.   “Horror always has sad endings” or at least that’s what the horror book said to the little boy. I watched a horror movie earlier yesterday and it did have a sad... Continue Reading →

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