Based on a fellow blogger’s lamentations I couldn’t resist. Now I thought it was a little early to bring it up but there are hints and previews of what to expect this Christmas season; in light of that I’d say now’s the time. You see, her little town is peaceful 11 months of the year, always so courteous, so many people who care, but when December 25th draws near we all should beware.


Whovillians Already Live In Town (To the tune of Santa Clause Is Coming To Town)


You’d better watch out

Don’t waste your time and cry

He decked your friend cold

Do I have to tell you why

Who-ville-ill-ans are all over town


Grasping lists in their fists

They’ve checked them once or twice

They’re getting there first

No one plans to be nice

Whoville-ill-ans are all over town


They bare claws when they’re shopping

They’re surly everyday

Plow over your neighbor before your eyes

Keep your children home and safe



(rap interlude)


Oooooh! Buhff! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

No! Wait! That’s Mine! Boof! Oh!

Here First! Were Not! Thwap! Crack!

Please Wait! Get Lost! Thwap! Slap!




You’d better watch out

Don’t waste the time to cry

Christmas brings out their worst

Damned if I can tell you why

Whoville-ill-ans are all o-verrrr town!






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