Changed The Clock Back …

At the end of the hall was a doorway leading to what used to be the foyer now elegant and carved wood, quality stuff not cheap … oh excuse me, inexpensive paneling. The door at the bottom of the stairs and out was part stained glass. What used to be two other apartments were simply other rooms leading to she didn’t know but would find out later. She stepped out checking the handle to ensure she wouldn’t lock herself out. No lock. “The twilight zone is more like it” but she did remember growing up during a time locking the door wasn’t necessary, in fact, she remembered when it was newsworthy to advise people to begin locking their doors thanks to a few instances of strangers walking in and something was taken. It saddened most but most were also aware of human nature and how things could evolve unlike now, or then that used to be now, that too many forgot what it means to be human although they were human and have to study human nature from a textbook reducing it all to what someone else wants you to think. It was accepted as now’s the time and isn’t it sad it’s come to pass. The only crisis though should you have asked her grandfather was stamps went from 2 cents to 3 cents making it inconvenient for exact change with an odd number.

Outside on the street the man sat. She looked around, at him, turned to look at the house which had taken on a Victorian flavor, spun around to see the road head down the hill, not a doctor’s office in sight, no autism center, no dumpster, no diagnostics place, no labs, just unpaved roads, land and the sweetest crispest air she’d ever smelled. The man on the horse laughed, “Ms Miggsie you look confused.”

That was a name only her Aunt had used and as she got a little older the way her Aunt loved the New York Yankees, it occurred to her she might have hoped she’d become a ballplayer and that’s what the crowds would chant.

“Just woke from a dead sleep” she smiled back as the realization that “this guy knows me, isn’t impressed with my full-length parka” and the clocks didn’t get turned back until next Sunday hit her square between the eyes.

WTF was all she had fighting off the panic clawing at her chest.

“Huh, and why am I panicking …”







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