Why did he have to die I'd thought Why didn't the big green guy tear the plane apart With him in it Ultimate enemy he's not He can't attack if he's in pieces After all the drones would've kept up There would still've been a battle At the same time I wondered about the... Continue Reading →


Vampire Movie

    I don’t need the Internet Hurry find your way I don’t have all day Though I used to   I want to be like you An immortal But the vampire knew Though new to his kind Made special by the queen What a douche bag he’d be What a tool The future unfolded... Continue Reading →

Cloudy Day, Stuffed Zucchini And White Mushroom Sauce

  That being said, I’m going to burst if I don’t write something. Something There, I’ve done it.   Miggsie sat there scrawling on a tablet with a fountain pen dipped in ink missing the laptop. She hadn’t figured out how to get back to her own time yet. Maybe the man on the horse... Continue Reading →

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