Cloudy Day, Stuffed Zucchini And White Mushroom Sauce


That being said, I’m going to burst if I don’t write something.


There, I’ve done it.


Miggsie sat there scrawling on a tablet with a fountain pen dipped in ink missing the laptop. She hadn’t figured out how to get back to her own time yet. Maybe the man on the horse would give a clue. He seemed to show up a lot.


“Maybe if I ask him it won’t come across as odd. He knew my name. Wasn’t surprised by my dress. There’s got to be a way seeing I’ve been here before. I smell things simmering. First the stove, then him.”


She selected file, then save. “Hey! How did I get here! Am I cooking too?” She didn’t smell anything. “Great my food is burning in another time, or another dimension. Wonder if the man on the horse will turn the stove down…” She pushed back from the oak desk glancing down at the pen and paper. “Ok, this is absurd. How am I doing this?


First things first… whatever they are.




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