It Said Horror 2018


Horror it said but it was clearly aliens

This is sci-fi simple to see

Haven’t I learned to give more time before I evaluate

Though the farmer thought he’d caught a fallen angel

Had it trapped in his basement in a cage

Was going to bargain to get his wife and child back from hell

But they weren’t there depending on perspective

Dropped to earth naked as it goes

Back they both come through electrical storms and bright lights

Science fiction no two ways about it

Then at the end the boy is pulling up planks because it’s the time

Time for the harvest with dozens of portals to be sewn

Discs strange lettering and symbols no pentagrams

Oh no

Horror trouble to come beware doesn’t help

If that weren’t enough the deputy driving says no smoking here ma’am

Like the now dead deputy with her in the house ripped open by invaders had said

When they’d met

Reminiscent when the spirit is in a body not its own

Soul given up forced will no rest

Rental-soul at best in a film without end

Classification horror or your best guess

Film noir too and nonetheless


Didn’t catch the title










Sunday Is For Vampire On Good Friday

So a guy gets brutally, beyond brutally murdered and it’s called “good” Friday. I’ve been wondered about stuff like this since I was a kid.

Getting back to the vampires making a movie about vampires, a new generation of vampires and it’d been so long since I’ve added anything to it I’ll have to go back and see what had been revealed and where the whole thing was going. I know there was a sexy scene the vampire guy moving in on the vampire girl, making a move with fangs – you know how they love blood so blood was going to be a constant though this troop was going out to dinner and eating food not just buying it for their victims telling them “don’t worry about me darling I’m just not hungry” all the while enriching their blood for the best yet to come. Helps them to blend. But they did catch that guy who was lost somewhere in the movie set or was he really trying to escape which is impossible thanks to heightened senses. Can vampire sense be dulled? Food for though with a new breed.

Anyway, let me gather up the scraps and see what might be next.

Running Between Speeding Cars

Watching a vampire movie weirdly

Guess I’ll have to write it in verse now

To get away with what I did to grammar wordly

Here it goes

Like Drac in repose though I hate sing-songy rhyming


A vampire movie with a twist ending

The woman gets it in the end becoming

And Drac gets skewered by her husband and she

Who went to save her but it wasn’t necessary

Except in a sense to be set free from both of them

Didn’t see that one I’ll say

Go girl bring darkness into light

She gets the house in the Hills

The man-servant and spectacular pairs of heels

Stiletto chic

As he drives them both to her new home

I was wondering why Renfield vanished suddenly

His simple job protecting the Count

Always background until just now

Before I forget

Van Helsing got it too heart ripped through his chest

Forgot darkened basements make for formidable foes

He the victor no

Testosterone either way did not rule


The title was Dracula Reborn

Very true

Vampires Are Smarter Than Zombies


Zombies say aaaaaaaargh while they limp

Vampires can think

Men – vamps think they know something

Women aren’t much better all about the sex

Or not being dressed but I stray from the path

Which you know is never good

Just because they’ve been around 400 years

They think they know something

Never in all vanity now why does that live on

Do they figure someone won’t stop them or can’t

Been around too long oh ancient one

Then you mess with the one person you should’ve left alone

That one has friends, lovers, family that’re tough

Scared stiff but tough enough through love and they’ll fight

Crash course in vampires they exist oh shit bless me father

And that’s the end

Momentarily surprised that emotion awakes

Too late

Now you’re dust


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