Time Stands Still


Running between speeding cars a hobble in my step

I’d written a little something about this before

Ankle twisting possibly opening the door to meet my maker

But in this case could it be

Cars slow down for me I command

Not likely

It’s the hormone release that gives slo-mo oversaturating

But I need to spring

Mythical creature I transform

Not prepare for impact and brace

What’s up with that

Adrenaline where’d you go

Made it ok no one saw

Transformations beyond human sight

Or out of it anyway

Glitch on

Trying to sit up and write but the internet won’t cooperate

Down more than not grates on the nerves

The last one means I’m almost out

Wish there were a spell to cast

Automated help desk says could be maintenance from midnight to seven any given day

Every given day I sneer

That’s my time

Find another way before I conjure

Wouldn’t like me when I’m angry

I don’t turn green


What can I come up with to fix this…



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