The Alchemist’s Cauldron

A stack of old books though with candles burning how dark it looks. Bottles and jars there, what do they hold? I can’t see them clearly, so ancient so old. Is that a shadow of a crow or a real one? Look closer with me that together we see.


Who Knew?

Shirley’s roommate had the house lit up brighter than a Christmas tree when Shirley

came home from work. Both TVs were on and all the lights save Shirley’s room while

she was on the landline clutching her cell in the other hand in case of a call. Finally her

bedroom TV went out, which meant one less item on, but Shirley had to give up watching

television in the living room or reap her roommate’s hovering, comments and impatient

insinuations. Shirley moved.


True Love

Ralph was into things he never admitted to Fran; he never let her in on his secrets. She

was patient and let him be himself, always happy with his company. It happened the car

was confiscated, which put a damper on his extracurricular activities. Fran could have

chuckled to herself about it but the car he was using when that happened was hers. She

had to go to the police department and haggle with them to get it back.

Bye Ralph.




Reece was having trouble getting her deposit back on an apartment she had moved from. She was learning the hard way her agent was very dishonest. While having a heated debate during an appointment with the agent one day, the agent angrily blurted out how she was stuck paying Reece’s landlord extra rent because of the date she’d moved that he didn’t expect. (It seemed he and the agent had some kind of arrangement about how long Reece should live there without her knowledge or approval.) That cut what Reece would lose to half the amount, which was better than losing it all.



The Pacifist

Bruce’s mom couldn’t shake the heartache she felt for Bruce ever since his breakup

with Lucinda. She knew Lucinda was much too old for him and as a graduate student in

Psychology her agenda for him wasn’t romance, but data toward dissertation. Life goes

on, but it was difficult for Bruce to shake off what had happened. A few years later,

Bruce’s mom happened upon Lucinda’s name on a social chat site. She baited her

sending an offer of friendship, which Lucinda accepted. Bruce’s mom let communication

remain open for about a month, then sent a message:

“When I first sent the offer of friendship, there was a bit of relish behind the notion of

telling you off. I decided it wasn’t worth it, not that at times there aren’t things that need

be said. Then I thought I’d start a healing process. Healing for what exactly? We’ve never

been friends. After what you did to my son we’re never going to be. Any salutation or

good will wish would be false on my part. I have no desire to extend my arm around you

and say, “Let bygones be bygones”. As victims of a pre-meditated attempted murder that

includes his sister as affected as we were, I don’t think we owe you, the perpetrator,


All of this to say I’m removing you from my list of friends. I guess something was said

after all; so much for the soft-cloth mom theory. If you wish to use any of this for

personal or professional dissertation, you must purchase the rights to my property from

me first.”

Right after she clicked send, she removed and blocked Lucinda from her page, got up,

opened a beer and settled back, basking in satisfaction.


Sunday Is For Vampire But…

Defining vampire…  I watched two movies, horror it said, about boys who murder. One was 13 the other 9, and it was incredible what they could do. The Paperboy began with a murder but throughout the movie it was evident mom now deceased was the culprit. The horror was in his life and there was closure at the end – one of his intended victims survived and came back with the law before he murdered yet again. Mikey on the other hand was horror in it’s truest sense. The child murdered without provocation, without conscience, without soul and it was without end.  How could adults be so useless I couldn’t help but think. Un-intuitive, weaker than a child, so overwhelmed each stood still so he could harm them with an end that was no ending. Psychologists find him traumatized but stable just needing patience and love as he is placed with a third family…

There are all kinds…

It Said Horror 2018


Horror it said but it was clearly aliens

This is sci-fi simple to see

Haven’t I learned to give more time before I evaluate

Though the farmer thought he’d caught a fallen angel

Had it trapped in his basement in a cage

Was going to bargain to get his wife and child back from hell

But they weren’t there depending on perspective

Dropped to earth naked as it goes

Back they both come through electrical storms and bright lights

Science fiction no two ways about it

Then at the end the boy is pulling up planks because it’s the time

Time for the harvest with dozens of portals to be sewn

Discs strange lettering and symbols no pentagrams

Oh no

Horror trouble to come beware doesn’t help

If that weren’t enough the deputy driving says no smoking here ma’am

Like the now dead deputy with her in the house ripped open by invaders had said

When they’d met

Reminiscent when the spirit is in a body not its own

Soul given up forced will no rest

Rental-soul at best in a film without end

Classification horror or your best guess

Film noir too and nonetheless


Didn’t catch the title









Vampires Are Smarter Than Zombies


Zombies say aaaaaaaargh while they limp

Vampires can think

Men – vamps think they know something

Women aren’t much better all about the sex

Or not being dressed but I stray from the path

Which you know is never good

Just because they’ve been around 400 years

They think they know something

Never in all vanity now why does that live on

Do they figure someone won’t stop them or can’t

Been around too long oh ancient one

Then you mess with the one person you should’ve left alone

That one has friends, lovers, family that’re tough

Scared stiff but tough enough through love and they’ll fight

Crash course in vampires they exist oh shit bless me father

And that’s the end

Momentarily surprised that emotion awakes

Too late

Now you’re dust


I’m Serious Really

As I embark on this journey but I’m dead as far as I know. I was sitting there and he peed on me, just stood there and peed but I didn’t get wet, then he walked away. Disgusting. Nothing much to see I can tell you that but I wiped flushed and left, at least in my world. Outside now I don’t feel much, not wind, not even a breeze, am I real at all? Where will I go? Maybe the bank. When was the last time I got Social Security? Might just like the balance. Could be benefits… beneficial.

Two roads, one very dark, one much brighter almost looks warm. Which way? More like which one gets me to the bank? Should it be the dark road?

Says who?

Just Like Romeo And Juliet

Bubblegum music from way back

Hardly so seeing everyone’s dead

Lesson learned

Let’s see

Poor communication

Or she’d’ve known he was faking it and would revive

Or He’d’ve known she was faking it and would revive

Let’s love like that, don’t be an ass

Lousy business decisions

All this nonsense based on vanity

Narrow minded adults wanting to blow their own horns

I’m right you’re wrong

No you’re wrong I’m right

I’m in charge no I’m in charge

All sounds the same

Greek tragedy

Antigone too with Creon the fool

You’re all in defiance everyone’s been bribed

Even the seer fresh from god

I’ll kill you all but the gods beat him to it and he gets to live

No rest for the wicked so true

A shame real bad guys don’t meet such a fate

They keep getting away with the wrong they do and the damage, damage, damage

No MacGyvers here

He would’ve found a way out of a tomb

Escaped impending doom

Stopped a tyrant in his tracks

Told her look this’ll make you sleep I’ll come to get you trust me

What’s the point

Take a look at yourself

Grow a spine don’t be a dweeb

Psych-out 101

Bet you never realized these were comedies

One and all yes

A lighthearted way to help you think

Like the Scarecrow who escaped

Phantoms on their horses ride

Glow paint the best way to advertise draws the eye

The sale, the point to take this seriously finalized

Romney Marsh immortalized

Well, the legends remembered

Folks will stop by rent a room at the Inn go to a shop and buy

Pigheaded or diplomat

What’s objective anyway

Ah, now you must decide



I Am Legion


Let’s connect the dots the Hulk dots of all we’ve known over time. There has been no other superhero so exploited. Generation after generation he keeps creeping up, a newer, younger version comes forth. They have to be part of the same family. A grandfather perhaps, possibly great-grandfather that lives on. How many Thors do you know, Captain Americas? Can’t think of any but to date there’ve been 4 Hulks. We need them to meet up, it’s important the Hulk is not alone and he has no reason to disappear. Besides, we’re going to need all the help we can get to fight the ultimate bad guy as he seeks out the infinity stones… just think of the synapses they’d create.

The galaxy is vast and her guardians should know no bounds.


Not What It Seemed

Who says you can’t reason with a headless man

Yes you can

Just give him back his head

“Horseman, go long

And take her as your bride

The one who wronged you

Right by your side”

Then smiling his razor teeth at me

He nodded

Whether or not gratefully

I didn’t know

Yet I imagined so as a bloody kiss he gave

To she who committed

Crime after crime

As he spun the horse breathing out flame

Galloping and leapt into hell

His home where he came


She will bear his name

Mind your actions

What you say and do

Lest ye entertain angels

From whence they be

Is no guarantee





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