Change The Clocks Back



Daylight savings time ends so fall back. She’d set the clock, the only one that had to be done manually, back an hour and went to sleep. A Horse whinny around 7:30am coming from under her window woke her. Rolling over she began to drift then heard it again.


“What … was that a horse”?


Looking out the window there was snow, mounds of it, but it hadn’t snowed much in winter for years. There was a horse and rider, a well-dressed rider or at least dressed differently, way differently. Men didn’t wear pants like that, and drove cars. No cars, nothing across the street but a large field, no buildings, no retirement home, no doctor’s offices, no haze over the horizon. No haze. The view was clearer than it’d been in a while. No stores in the distance, no highway, no hospital. She sat up in bed, bed, full-sized not the twin mattress she had on the floor she intended to buy a bed frame for. Candleholders on the wall gave the light.


“Where am I living?”


She got up in the same sweatshirt dress she’d passed out in and the clothes in the closet were the same.


“Talk about not making sense. This sure isn’t Jennie Logan being dressed for the times or am I? What direction did I go, back to where? How do I even know to think this?”


She put on her coat and headed out the door.





Sunday Is For Vampire: Good Fellows And The Next Generation

“Albinos! Why didn’t I think of that before! Albinos are the natural day walkers with their natural super sensitivity to the sun. It all makes perfect sense. Cast them as the new race but with a little something extra like the children from the ‘City Of The Damned’, a murderous torturous side as opposed to those whose whole face opens to suck the life out of their prey. Vampires who experiment on vampires to create the master race, as petty as humans sacrificing their children although the coldness makes sense but there is so much passion in making another. In keeping with tradition sunlight gets the better of everyone one way or another. It might be interesting to be able to psychically drain the blood from a victim as opposed to forcing them to hurt themselves making these new vamps who’ve naturally evolved a threat like no other. Snipers? High acuity opening up a new door as to how to stop them. Should they be able to drain the blood from super slayers, should there be an issue with that, should it be hopeless? Psycho-thriller vampires you can never get rid of worse than Michael Myers giving a whole new meaning to when blood runs cold, cold-blooded, yes and yes. Brilliant!”

Now all Marie had to do was sell the flood of ideas to Jeff and Christof.



Sunday Is For Vampire


Grandma while Michael Jackson’s “Bad” is playing through the MegaMind credits: Would you like to see the video? It’s really cool. I have a lot of Michael Jackson videos, even the one called Thriller – Zombies dance with Michael Jackson.

Grandson: Don’t the zombies eat the people’s brains?

Grandma: Nope… they only dance with Michael Jackson.

Grandson: Is Michael Jackson human?

It’s All Happened Before Or Afableypse 1981



Every now and again something crops up about the end of the world. Individuals get the inside scoop or an ancient calendar had predicted it long ago now here it is. The Farmers Almanac might be the only thing that hasn’t thrown in on it.


Anyway… Now that I’ve mentioned it and not that I’m worrying about it but … wayback music please …


A friend of mine and I would visit each other daily. My then 4-year old (now 40-something) and her 5-year old would play while she and I shared a bottle of Soave, enjoying the day talking about whatever popped to mind and life in general. One day though we learned it was going to end thanks to her fiancée’s parents getting the inside scoop. No, they didn’t walk up and down streets wearing placards shouting warnings, it was just they were so certain, so positive, so so so just knew it, they and many of their friends began selling all their stuff and planned to gather at a designated area – the designated area because God said – to meet the end together. As this day, place and hour approached, and that sounding biblical, his parents kept calling warning him to be prepared, and of course wanted him to be with them when it happened. I was there when some of those calls took place, and we’d sit afterward shaking our heads. He’d tried to talk them down just in case but they didn’t see it like that. With a child’s innocence, and it was childlike excitement for them, they knew they’d stumbled onto something. We knew no one really knows so it could go in either direction making chances of the world ending 50/50.


The extremity of it all was mind-boggling, really.


As we were leaving on what had been slated as the last day, I asked my friend if she thought the world might really end. Reflecting for less than a second she said, “There’s no sense worrying if it is.” “True, that’s true. I’ll see you tomorrow unless the world ends but maybe we’ll wind up somewhere soave flows freely and the kids can play as long as they want.”








Did it happen?



I awoke the next morning to a gorgeous Indian-Summer day. As I stood looking down at my son sleeping so peacefully my first thought was ‘it didn’t end’. As we began our walk I noticed the only thing resembling an apocalypse was the night winds had blown more brilliant fall leaves to the ground completely covering the roads. My son and I kicked them up making our own private path. My friend’s front door was open welcoming the unseasonably warm; she already had the Soave ready. “Well, the world didn’t end.” “No, it didn’t”, but I had to know. “What about Brent’s folks? Did they get rid of everything?”



Sunday Is For Vampire


“Dig if you will a picture, of you and I engaged in a kiss. The sweat of your body covers me…” Never’ve been a big fan of Prince, but that song will always bring a smile. Why? You’ll never be old enough to know. Can’t say I shouldn’t have because I did. I’d wondered if it could happen to me, if I could have a fling and something to smile about should we pass each other and say good morning. I needed it. What followed was disastrous but this was before all that. I was satisfied to let it go. He wouldn’t. Why do men have to possess, own, conquer? Fool! Not me, I actually had it together. That’s ok, though it’s not ok, but what I mean is when I hear that song I can still feel that morning, standing on the back porch thinking, feeling the sweat of my body covering him, watching the cold and mist rising off the ground that refreshed, the heightened sense of awareness, of sight, the clarity of sound each time I played it feeling it inside me. Did he tell me to stop? I don’t think I cared. He might have made a comment but it fell away. I was new and done with it.


He wasn’t.




Sweet Dreams


Moved myself to an inner room though I was upstairs. Sobering experience? Well, I’ve been through them before, in fact in my medical days I drove in them and when I first began teaching I walked during them with hail pelting down so hard it stung my legs. We haven’t had extreme tornado issues in a while. Last night was a doozy! The wind was strong enough to wake me and then sirens went off, so much for that. I walked through the apartment listening until they stopped then went into a different bedroom and settled, took the video I was dozing through off pause and conked back out. A thunderstorm followed so I walked through again and looked out a kitchen window. Sheets of hail and rain were coming down, everything was blowing, and I wondered what it was going to look like in the daylight.


That remains to be seen.



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