Change The Clocks Back

    Daylight savings time ends so fall back. She’d set the clock, the only one that had to be done manually, back an hour and went to sleep. A Horse whinny around 7:30am coming from under her window woke her. Rolling over she began to drift then heard it again.   “What … was... Continue Reading →


Sunday Is For Vampire: Good Fellows And The Next Generation

"Albinos! Why didn't I think of that before! Albinos are the natural day walkers with their natural super sensitivity to the sun. It all makes perfect sense. Cast them as the new race but with a little something extra like the children from the 'City Of The Damned', a murderous torturous side as opposed to... Continue Reading →

Sunday Is For Vampire

  Grandma while Michael Jackson's "Bad" is playing through the MegaMind credits: Would you like to see the video? It's really cool. I have a lot of Michael Jackson videos, even the one called Thriller - Zombies dance with Michael Jackson. Grandson: Don't the zombies eat the people's brains? Grandma: Nope... they only dance with... Continue Reading →

It’s All Happened Before Or Afableypse 1981

    Every now and again something crops up about the end of the world. Individuals get the inside scoop or an ancient calendar had predicted it long ago now here it is. The Farmers Almanac might be the only thing that hasn’t thrown in on it.   Anyway… Now that I’ve mentioned it not... Continue Reading →

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