Imagine my surprise when I opened the towel to wipe my face and saw stains. Thought I took care of that. Don’t usually leave evidence around, that proof that something’s awry not that anyone would believe we really exist with all the hype these days and faux superheroes that draw everyone’s attention away from reality. I laughed to myself though I know the body is gone safe in the hands of the Necro who took it with the trash last night. Like everyone else I simply put it out the night before, nothing unusual and no need to worry about it in the morning. More time to have juice, make espresso, just sit and think, I mean why not. Just saw a movie the other night with a vamp that eats apples. Apples! Where do they get these ideas? Still, we’ve come a long way from blood only with everything else making us throw up though there is that one thing after all this time, dead man’s blood, is till an issue…


A Banshee For A Girlfriend


I saw a hell hound put out with a fire extinguisher

Who knew

He said hey I know their secret plan

I’m fine go get them

As they overcame the pale riders on the storm

No souls for them today

No train to take making them riders too

I ask again who knew

But the bad guy alive since WWII set himself up as their boss

His loss as his lack of soul made him one with them

They’re in it together that is his speed

There is no leader

Bullies together one for all

Why then cry out in dismay, dispair

As all vanished leaving the town in peace


Just one thing


You brought everyone back but something hitched a ride

This one’s on you

There’s always a price

It must be sent back


For the rest of the season

There’ll be something to do

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