Just Like Romeo And Juliet

Bubblegum music from way back

Hardly so seeing everyone’s dead

Lesson learned

Let’s see

Poor communication

Or she’d’ve known he was faking it and would revive

Or He’d’ve known she was faking it and would revive

Let’s love like that, don’t be an ass

Lousy business decisions

All this nonsense based on vanity

Narrow minded adults wanting to blow their own horns

I’m right you’re wrong

No you’re wrong I’m right

I’m in charge no I’m in charge

All sounds the same

Greek tragedy

Antigone too with Creon the fool

You’re all in defiance everyone’s been bribed

Even the seer fresh from god

I’ll kill you all but the gods beat him to it and he gets to live

No rest for the wicked so true

A shame real bad guys don’t meet such a fate

They keep getting away with the wrong they do and the damage, damage, damage

No MacGyvers here

He would’ve found a way out of a tomb

Escaped impending doom

Stopped a tyrant in his tracks

Told her look this’ll make you sleep I’ll come to get you trust me

What’s the point

Take a look at yourself

Grow a spine don’t be a dweeb

Psych-out 101

Bet you never realized these were comedies

One and all yes

A lighthearted way to help you think

Like the Scarecrow who escaped

Phantoms on their horses ride

Glow paint the best way to advertise draws the eye

The sale, the point to take this seriously finalized

Romney Marsh immortalized

Well, the legends remembered

Folks will stop by rent a room at the Inn go to a shop and buy

Pigheaded or diplomat

What’s objective anyway

Ah, now you must decide




A Banshee For A Girlfriend


I saw a hell hound put out with a fire extinguisher

Who knew

He said hey I know their secret plan

I’m fine go get them

As they overcame the pale riders on the storm

No souls for them today

No train to take making them riders too

I ask again who knew

But the bad guy alive since WWII set himself up as their boss

His loss as his lack of soul made him one with them

They’re in it together that is his speed

There is no leader

Bullies together one for all

Why then cry out in dismay, dispair

As all vanished leaving the town in peace


Just one thing


You brought everyone back but something hitched a ride

This one’s on you

There’s always a price

It must be sent back


For the rest of the season

There’ll be something to do

Variations Of Frankenstein Let The Vampire Beware



What’s wrong with Frankenstein

The student ravenous for the secrets of life

Desiring an apple of his eye

Chips off the block in a patchwork design

Let it live he shouts but it’s a man

He lives

Have you considered the soul you’ve made with those parts

As the fool runs away in fear leaving his creation alone

Collapsing at the door of a church

Better to have failed oh woe

Self-righteous rejection

No, the monster is he

Unique god is as each of we

Made in his image

The kingdom within

It’s his forte not man’s as man bungles for an eternity

Or so it seems until life ends

Bit off more than he could chew

His vanity revealed all too late

Who knew

What did I do reiterates

Aren’t doctors healers

Shouldn’t they be

That depends on your view



Whatever Happened To Que


There was a lot to digest. First his mom was dead but she wasn’t seeing she’d appeared to him and they’d stayed up most of the night drinking coffee and talking about where he’s from, the dad he never met and what’d happened to her so he’d know it wasn’t as horrendous as everyone else thought… he could go on and on making her not your average ghost or more accurately not a ghost at all.  Was she a volcano goddess, Hephaesta, Hephaestusa, Vulcana – wait, wrong planet – Volcana for volcano that wasn’t her nemesis as it turned out, but now he’d have to google Greek gods to see the Roman name. So dad was special, a fire being of sorts, and his mom was, well, had  always been different. He couldn’t keep up at the same time he didn’t want to. It was all kind of cool… in a hot lava way.

An affinity with volcanos means great power. As reveling in the thought tried to sneak up on Que, he was all too aware that would mean a responsibility that would show itself as he grew, and most importantly he didn’t want to learn it the hard way. You don’t get something like that for free. The fine print was obviously going to have to do with self-control.

It occurred to him in the midst of everything swirling through his brain responsibility had just introduced itself.



Curious Things

“I think I’ll give them the extra rinse…” She was thinking sitting there hating when the bathroom rugs had to be washed, they shed so much, an unpleasant surprise she’d discovered. Got into everything, even stuck to the sides of the washer drum. They also slid all over the floor, no backing to speak of to hold them in one spot, one side looped chenille the other soft brushed. What a letdown but the entire order of bathroom items was bought with bonus bucks and year-end discounts that even covered a small part of shipping. They’re useful for now, more pressing things to think about if you want to call them that.

He’d appeared and why she didn’t know but everything has a purpose. Unlike angels or beings in long illuminated robes, he wore a white down jumpsuit with a hood, something someone who worked outside a lot or hunted would wear. In life he’d mowed lawns and she couldn’t remember if he hunted or not. She knew who he was from talking. Oddly or at least this was different, he stood behind off to the side with his back to her going on about something, his deep voice and accent so familiar. It was after that she’d gotten the idea that panned out nicely and from there other things were falling into place. It was a humbling experience that he’d appear to her at all, at least she thought so. “We should be kind to everyone we meet not knowing that we might be entertaining angels”, something like that. “Think I’m ready for coffee though it’s still dark. Maybe I’ll wait for light to break through. As long as the shades are drawn and sunshine isn’t shining, Dracula’s not asleep yet… don’t know if I have the ambition to make coffee. Feel that cool breeze coming in. Huh, that’s getting a little too cold. The 6-cup pot?” Looking outside there was no moon to be seen but the stars were brilliant. “The sky isn’t talking but company’s coming.” She felt the blood run down the back of her throat.

“Almost 5, the sky will be light soon. Should get the towels in the dryer… I’ll take care of them later. Maybe I’ll nod off to Casper…”

The First Thing They Teach You Is Never Assume



You know that’s the thing. If I had a nickel for every time someone figured I couldn’t possibly know anything when I visit his or her country. How could I not? Being an outsider you have to know more, where you’re going, how to get there and most importantly what to do when you get there. Take these two women for instance:


I’d flown in to this lovely little town in Northern Italy on holiday. For fun I thought I’d check out public transportation instead of shimmering around like usual, faster of course but as everyone knows public transportation abroad is top notch. I’d taken the funicolare, a tram that gets you up the mountain and then the bus to get closer to the upper city. These two women who were dressed to the nines and feeling no pain from what I could tell got on and were having trouble with the ticket dispenser. They looked at me and knew I wasn’t from around there automatically figuring there would be no way I could help not speaking their language which translated into I couldn’t know how it worked anyway. I watched them fumble and fuss though laughing at themselves the whole time until finally they gave up and sat down. I stood, went to the machine and retrieved the one ticket they thought they’d lost. Looking at each other they busted out laughing and said in Italian, you’re the one who’s not from here and you know how to work the machine – rough translation but you get it. The other walked to me, I showed her what to do and she got her ticket. When they got off they were both still laughing about how the person who didn’t speak Italian knew how to buy a ticket. I waved ciao, ciao and continued on with the bus then decided to shimmer off and fly around a bit. I noticed the two leaving a pub and flew in close to them to say hello. They were startled to say the least as I uncloaked myself and my ride, this big pussycat of a griffin with the softest fur, brooms can be a little uncomfortable – don’t know how they did it back in the day. In fact they stopped laughing and their jaws dropped. “Never assume” I smiled to them, scratched Pikachu behind the ear (yeah, he just loves watching those cartoons) saying, “let’s go”! He raised us up and I watched as one stepped back from the sidewalk stumble sitting into a puddle in the street as she kept staring up. The other hadn’t budged or taken her eyes of me. I laughed out loud as we disappeared behind the clouds.


That’s 10 cents right there. Of course if the exchange rate is still around the way it was or better yet the euro’s gotten more valuable over the American dollar, I could make 20, 25 cents for every time. Even half I’d be making out like a bandit.

In The Middle Of The Night I Woke To Write But I Need A Tissue



So I did that first. Write, write, write, write… a good kickoff, no? Not. Here I am reading it over and over without an inspirational thought to continue on with. I’d thought maybe the morning or if not I’d check back with it at different times throughout the day and now the sun’s setting – still nothing. There’s a strange light in the distance, you know, over the balcony and the view of the trees. Could be pollution or a small planet. A ship? A specter? Huh. I’m not going to stand here like a fool watching as it gets too close like a Hollywood scene. But what is it? And it is moving. Son of a gun.


Which reminds me of that restaurant again…


How did I get home? I woke up in bed but the last thing I actually remember was being in the painting watching the flames devour the dining room feeling I was beginning to melt with the colors. It was such a brilliant morning.


Guess I’d better make sure her social security checks stop coming to me. At least get that right. Things’ll work out somehow.


Nary A Hippodumpling But Human Beans Methinks


He seemed transparent, not like men she’d known… No time for that. She watched him tear down the street his feet not touching the ground. She crossed to offer help but he was gone. She saw him again but this time stood in front of him as he was barreling in her direction. “This’ll get his attention – I hope he doesn’t knock me out of the way.” Bracing herself he ran right at her, through her and kept running leaving her tingling like circulation returning.


Jen shot up in bed. “I know that street! I’ve got to find him.”











Prompt: “…mix a dream for someone. Think about their character and what sort of dream you would like them to have. What happens when they wake up?”



Celebrating 100 years of Roald Dahl – the amazing wordsmith! 100WCGU#189

Off The Sinus Meds…



I feel like writing something spooky, been on my mind all morning then I thought of this one piece from a while back to do with underhandedness, keeping social security alive although the recipient is dead and possible consequences. When all is said and done, we do bring it on ourselves…


Oohhh… I remember it now and what it was inspired by. Wonder if I could find it? Anyway, the laptop was left on and the woman’s face, I’ll not forget it seemed she was looking straight at me. First of all, I never leave the laptop on, that move was weird in itself. Second, glancing down at the obituary the look on her face startled me. I didn’t remember it looking that way. Why would she care anyway? Can’t use it anymore, her social security I mean. Why come back from the grave to seek… well, what are we seeking? Not revenge, no one was hurt or anything, money wasn’t kept from anyone, she wasn’t murdered to get it, I mean, I wasn’t going to collect it forever, just until all the paperwork caught up. As her caregiver or I should say if I were her caregiver she’d have given it to me and I’d done it with others who never saw fit to come back… wait, well; I guess someone did, that man with her in the restaurant. Didn’t try to collect his though. Guess we make friends in the afterlife.


Food for thought.