I Am Legion

  Let's connect the dots the Hulk dots of all we've known over time. There has been no other superhero so exploited. Generation after generation he keeps creeping up, a newer, younger version comes forth. They have to be part of the same family. A grandfather perhaps, possibly great-grandfather that lives on. How many Thors... Continue Reading →


Hypnagogic Or Am I ‘Nopompic

  Getting ready to relax this ran through my head:   When you wish upon a star, it doesn’t matter how close or far Or what you do, your dream comes true But what about if you choose stand tall And decide to wish on nothing at all Or not to wish but ride life’s... Continue Reading →

If Sunday Is for Vampire Why Am I Watching Lethal Weapon

  I have the collection and as the marathon continues on it occurs to me it never occurred to me how often Mel Gibson gets naked - he owns the love scenes, or wakes up in the morning and walks away from the camera. Well, wha'd'ya'know, he sleeps naked too. Hit the pause button, crack... Continue Reading →

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