Sleepy Hollow


A Graveyard Hanging On The Wall

Nothing to talk about really

And it’s getting closer to Halloween after all

It’s just that

I’m sitting here feeling cozy with the weather outside uneventful but cooler enough there’s an intimacy wearing sweats, holding my espresso, and the setting low enough for heat just in case it should drop that far it might run a few seconds of warmth no more but it shouldn’t have to

Feeling alive with the change that’s about time it’s really fall better behavior as far as I’m concerned

Offended at September my month carrying on like it’s July shouldn’t it know better

It should

All is forgiven now that we’re here and it damn well not hit 95, 85, 80, I don’t want to see 70 nor 60 is too much of a risk

No better than 50-something if it knows what’s good for it not to incur my wrath

What’s this all about

I just wanted to write settled into the blankets, the comforter thrown over the couch with the laptop doing just that sitting on my lap

Typing while I wear warm clothes listening to the dryer while it adds a little bit of heat

Nothing overwhelming

Thinking soon enough it may snow outside, seeing snowflakes in my mind, feeling the fresh air coolness rejuvenation

New life

Yeah wrap your head around that fall and winter symbolizes new life like a bucket of ice water wakes you up

Speaking of which let me take this last mouthful of coffee before it becomes iced


Didn’t Vanilla Ice perform in a Ninja Turtles movie

Yeah they or he did

Worried espresso  might keep me up longer now I’m not

When you’re tired enough nothing can keep you awake or at least not me

Not even those caffein pills sold at convenience stores for truck drivers to help them stay awake

Legal speed or aren’t they sold anymore I don’t know


I think that’s it

The dryer stopped but I don’t want to get up



No vampires today I am so ashamed

Not really but watched an old black and white

A murder mystery a writer writing a story an audience privy as it unfolds

People shot but no blood no mangled bones though they fought

Frightened women in heeled slippers long flowing nightgowns

Hair tied up proper but at night long braids or just flowing down their backs

Lots of screaming they prevailed

They’re tough enough

And burning woods or a wood garage why burn things down

Clever murderer he thought they are weak predictable but he lost

Bats the mascot some rabid but no foaming at the mouth so many suspects

Long clawed gloves to tear the throat but no dripping scratches

Less to clean up

Then ghosts collected to be studied they exist

Money hidden but a spirit protects

A gruesome appearance as apparitions go

Forces the bad guy to his death so now there are 14

14 ghosts that see you to the door or did they leave

That the threat is no more

Did they leave I couldn’t tell but the witch knew

Housekeeper medium she might know a guy or she used to

If they all went for a walk ’cause they could and would be back

A happy ending hard to say depends how you look at things

Snow fluttered then swirled as I watched covering the lawn chair stiff and rusted

Desolate not beauty in death covered in silent white

A titan passed by, a frost giant, an ice beast, ghosts bring the cold

Who was it I couldn’t say


Wouldn’t Want To Be You


Perusing the internet

Deliverance from evil I happened to see

Deliverance I mused


What if I’m the evil

It’s not an impossibility


All along I’ve been the Source

That Force of nature

Reckoning with not to be

How do I get delivered

How can I get deliverance

From me






Based on a fellow blogger’s lamentations I couldn’t resist. Now I thought it was a little early to bring it up but there are hints and previews of what to expect this Christmas season; in light of that I’d say now’s the time. You see, her little town is peaceful 11 months of the year, always so courteous, so many people who care, but when December 25th draws near we all should beware.


Whovillians Already Live In Town (To the tune of Santa Clause Is Coming To Town)


You’d better watch out

Don’t waste your time and cry

He decked your friend cold

Do I have to tell you why

Who-ville-ill-ans are all over town


Grasping lists in their fists

They’ve checked them once or twice

They’re getting there first

No one plans to be nice

Whoville-ill-ans are all over town


They bare claws when they’re shopping

They’re surly everyday

Plow over your neighbor before your eyes

Keep your children home and safe



(rap interlude)


Oooooh! Buhff! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

No! Wait! That’s Mine! Boof! Oh!

Here First! Were Not! Thwap! Crack!

Please Wait! Get Lost! Thwap! Slap!




You’d better watch out

Don’t waste the time to cry

Christmas brings out their worst

Damned if I can tell you why

Whoville-ill-ans are all o-verrrr town!





Sunday Is Forever Vampire



But I just don’t want to disturb the peace right now

OK so the washer is on in the background

Not completely silent

That’s different than something on the screen

TV screen

My feet are cold from fresh air through the door

Yeah cold

This is great

I can’t wait for fall to be here more than summer

Tired of high temps and oppressive heat

Change comes with the new sun born from an eclipse

It renews the New Year 2017’s promises, resolutions, and intent

Works for me

And now time for coffee

As scenes from horror flash through my mind

The warmth from dripping blood wraps its arms around me

Or Jason’s bloody slashes

Or Michael’s gut-wrenching stabs

Jason’s met Freddy but Michael wasn’t there

Sounds like a Sunday brunch should be arranged

Can you imagine a movie with those three?

Then the Scream villain shows brandishing his knife

May he have a seat or will they cut him in half

Remains to be scene or seen

That horror warmth if you can wrap your head before it’s removed

It’s calling knowing my mood

What a day it could be

Psychotic killers, bloodthirsty vampires not pretty boys


Plus espresso and me

That’s the way it should be




Hypnagogic Or Am I ‘Nopompic


Getting ready to relax this ran through my head:


When you wish upon a star, it doesn’t matter how close or far

Or what you do, your dream comes true

But what about if you choose stand tall

And decide to wish on nothing at all

Or not to wish but ride life’s call

And vow to topple every wall

And stand against another’s thrall

Should there be no wish and your dream’s all you

What would happen, will you rise or fall?


So I guess there’s no sleeping yet and I wonder if I can rewrite it so everything doesn’t rhyme. I hate it when that happens. Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme all the time… for heaven’s sake listen to me.


Let’s see.



When you wish upon a star, it doesn’t matter how close or far


We don’t really know where they are in proximity to earth but we can see them

Indicating a clear night leading into a clear day

But will we have clear thought

There’s something

Maybe the rhyming will be broken up if I talk people to death

Unless our pets learn how to read

Or a wild animal finds pieces of newspaper flying around

They’ll read it too

There are secret lives we don’t know about

We can’t necessarily see


Or what you do, your dream comes true


In the movies they do when magical things happen

But just ask Hume about that

If it happens then it’s natural not magical

Just an every day occurrence you know




But what about if you choose stand tall

And decide to wish on nothing

Ok, so remove ‘at all’ and that changes but doesn’t hurt its flow

What’d’ya know

There I go



Or not to wish but ride life’s calling

Let the tune it plays fill you

And vow to topple every obstruction but it’s not if you don’t dwell on it

Or perceive it so

And stand against another’s thrall

What one does to talk you out of who you are

Take that twinkle-twinkle

Should there be no wish and your dream’s all you

What would happen, will you rise or fall

When you refuse to wish


Yeah, that’s it

But that’s not all


My goodness it’s hopeless. I guess it was meant to rhyme in spite of my best intentions. Looking at the salt lamp’s reflection against the table lamp behind it, the figure on the wall resembles a bat, cat’s ears forming the wings but the head is too narrow resembling a perch to rest on like a gargoyle overlooking a city from on high. Something’s off, but as long as it doesn’t start flapping I’m good with it. Luckily the sky is getting light so it’s too late for any manifestations. Interesting, the shadow is more defined, your final hurrah old friend? Be that as it may, you’ll fade soon enough and I’m making another coffee then watching the clouds gather for the brewing storm, the shapes and colors they’ll form. No sun will be shining today.



It is hopeless…





The Crow Caught The Roach


He came back to avenge his love

Both murdered on Devil’s Night

Just married

Tried to be

Guess who

And what do you know

The theme to Supernatural plays

Know that anywhere


Morally speaking

Are there morals here

Are souls so lost they can never be saved

Would it take too long

Give them time for more harm than good

Bodies overcome by what they take

Brain fried too far gone


Self-righteous shit

Each one earned his fate

I love it when you fight for me

Spend my rage

Make me free again

Let the angel of light’s darkness reign

I wouldn’t mess with him

He’s already dead

You can’t hurt him no more

He’ll get his bearings for his temporary stay

And you’re done

The crow caught the roaches


There were more than one

‘Is that gas I smell’

Well the fool stood straight up

To help the flames





Horror Movies Without End

How can you do this to me? You’re dead! And now I’m dead too thanks to you but I saved my son, you can’t have him again killing your wife and his sister too saving him from you. The law got there just in time, a bullet through your brain stopped you cold but how is it you stayed. Anger everlasting will be but not for me.

I cry. Have you seen my son I miss him so.

Caught in this place now you are gone. Avenging yourself against the policeman who stopped you cold. He’s dead but I’m alone. Your wife left too, finally. I was saving her son, was that why she disappeared? We were out the door us two. You grabbed my hair pulling me back in, my blood covered all, wood floor and wall. I was gone. How could you, you were dead, already dead. Corporal manifestation for some just not true. I saw you, so did he, but you were dead.

Now I am too.