No vampires today I am so ashamed Not really but watched an old black and white A murder mystery a writer writing a story an audience privy as it unfolds People shot but no blood no mangled bones though they fought Frightened women in heeled slippers long flowing nightgowns Hair tied up proper but... Continue Reading →


Wouldn’t Want To Be You

  Perusing the internet Deliverance from evil I happened to see Deliverance I mused But What if I'm the evil It's not an impossibility That All along I've been the Source That Force of nature Reckoning with not to be How do I get delivered How can I get deliverance From me      

Nary A Werewolf But There Was A Full Moon

An interesting array of movies to watch. The first about a psycho newlywed husband who tried to keep his new bride prisoner on an island. Ok. Then one set on an Hawaiian island with a lot of emotion, healing, bratty drama, and a handsome island man who didn't get the girl because she decided to... Continue Reading →

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