Running Between Speeding Cars

Watching a vampire movie weirdly

Guess I’ll have to write it in verse now

To get away with what I did to grammar wordly

Here it goes

Like Drac in repose though I hate sing-songy rhyming


A vampire movie with a twist ending

The woman gets it in the end becoming

And Drac gets skewered by her husband and she

Who went to save her but it wasn’t necessary

Except in a sense to be set free from both of them

Didn’t see that one I’ll say

Go girl bring darkness into light

She gets the house in the Hills

The man-servant and spectacular pairs of heels

Stiletto chic

As he drives them both to her new home

I was wondering why Renfield vanished suddenly

His simple job protecting the Count

Always background until just now

Before I forget

Van Helsing got it too heart ripped through his chest

Forgot darkened basements make for formidable foes

He the victor no

Testosterone either way did not rule


The title was Dracula Reborn

Very true




No vampires today I am so ashamed

Not really but watched an old black and white

A murder mystery a writer writing a story an audience privy as it unfolds

People shot but no blood no mangled bones though they fought

Frightened women in heeled slippers long flowing nightgowns

Hair tied up proper but at night long braids or just flowing down their backs

Lots of screaming they prevailed

They’re tough enough

And burning woods or a wood garage why burn things down

Clever murderer he thought they are weak predictable but he lost

Bats the mascot some rabid but no foaming at the mouth so many suspects

Long clawed gloves to tear the throat but no dripping scratches

Less to clean up

Then ghosts collected to be studied they exist

Money hidden but a spirit protects

A gruesome appearance as apparitions go

Forces the bad guy to his death so now there are 14

14 ghosts that see you to the door or did they leave

That the threat is no more

Did they leave I couldn’t tell but the witch knew

Housekeeper medium she might know a guy or she used to

If they all went for a walk ’cause they could and would be back

A happy ending hard to say depends how you look at things

Snow fluttered then swirled as I watched covering the lawn chair stiff and rusted

Desolate not beauty in death covered in silent white

A titan passed by, a frost giant, an ice beast, ghosts bring the cold

Who was it I couldn’t say


Not What It Seemed

Who says you can’t reason with a headless man

Yes you can

Just give him back his head

“Horseman, go long

And take her as your bride

The one who wronged you

Right by your side”

Then smiling his razor teeth at me

He nodded

Whether or not gratefully

I didn’t know

Yet I imagined so as a bloody kiss he gave

To she who committed

Crime after crime

As he spun the horse breathing out flame

Galloping and leapt into hell

His home where he came


She will bear his name

Mind your actions

What you say and do

Lest ye entertain angels

From whence they be

Is no guarantee





Wouldn’t Want To Be You


Perusing the internet

Deliverance from evil I happened to see

Deliverance I mused


What if I’m the evil

It’s not an impossibility


All along I’ve been the Source

That Force of nature

Reckoning with not to be

How do I get delivered

How can I get deliverance

From me




Variations Of Frankenstein Let The Vampire Beware



What’s wrong with Frankenstein

The student ravenous for the secrets of life

Desiring an apple of his eye

Chips off the block in a patchwork design

Let it live he shouts but it’s a man

He lives

Have you considered the soul you’ve made with those parts

As the fool runs away in fear leaving his creation alone

Collapsing at the door of a church

Better to have failed oh woe

Self-righteous rejection

No, the monster is he

Unique god is as each of we

Made in his image

The kingdom within

It’s his forte not man’s as man bungles for an eternity

Or so it seems until life ends

Bit off more than he could chew

His vanity revealed all too late

Who knew

What did I do reiterates

Aren’t doctors healers

Shouldn’t they be

That depends on your view



Sunday Is Forever Vampire



But I just don’t want to disturb the peace right now

OK so the washer is on in the background

Not completely silent

That’s different than something on the screen

TV screen

My feet are cold from fresh air through the door

Yeah cold

This is great

I can’t wait for fall to be here more than summer

Tired of high temps and oppressive heat

Change comes with the new sun born from an eclipse

It renews the New Year 2017’s promises, resolutions, and intent

Works for me

And now time for coffee

As scenes from horror flash through my mind

The warmth from dripping blood wraps its arms around me

Or Jason’s bloody slashes

Or Michael’s gut-wrenching stabs

Jason’s met Freddy but Michael wasn’t there

Sounds like a Sunday brunch should be arranged

Can you imagine a movie with those three?

Then the Scream villain shows brandishing his knife

May he have a seat or will they cut him in half

Remains to be scene or seen

That horror warmth if you can wrap your head before it’s removed

It’s calling knowing my mood

What a day it could be

Psychotic killers, bloodthirsty vampires not pretty boys


Plus espresso and me

That’s the way it should be